Barefoot Real Estate News

JULY 1, 2017


by Ben Guyton


Let’s look at the Barefoot Resort numbers for both year-to-date and for the second quarter.


Single Family Homes: We have seen a slight softening of the market in the Resort with some of this driven by fewer new home sales than last year. That may pick back up as Pulte ramps up to finish out development of The Retreat.

                     YTD                 2nd Quarter

Listings        Down 15%        Up 24%

Sales           Up 11%             Down 8%

Pricing         Down 2%          Down 7%


Condo/Townhomes: It has been a year of surging sales for some of the neighborhoods. Overall the golf villas lead the pack with the higher end condos lagging a little. The condo market in the Resort resembles the overall Grand Strand market.

                   YTD                  2nd Quarter

Listings       Down 9%         Flat

Sales          Up 33%            Up 31%

Pricing        Flat                   Up 1%


Lot Sales: They continue to have low numbers overall which can impact percentages greatly. There are few opportunities to buy a homesite in Barefoot, so the numbers will track small until all available homesites are built out.

                    YTD                  2nd Quarter

Listings        Down 50%       Down 88%

Sales           Flat                   Down 50%

Pricing        Up 50%            Up 31%


As you consider the Barefoot Market and walk outside to look at your property here know that buyers seem to be mostly focused on the HVAC system, windows and roofs. Some homes in the resort are nearing 20 years now. (That is hard to believe!) and many of the homes and condos still have original air conditioning units, with aging roofs and windows with lost seals.

If you’re considering selling in the next 9 months consider getting a pre-sale home inspection to determine what a buyer will see when it contracts. It is always better to address replacement needs prior to putting a property up for sale. You should also consider a third-party home warranty that can transfer to the next owner!

For questions about your neighborhood or your property, you can contact me anytime at or at 843-241-1929.

Until next time, enjoy a wonderful Independence Day and I’ll see you around the Resort!