Beach Cabana Spruce-Up

JULY 1, 2017


by Anne Kepple, Beach Cabana Committee Chair


Completed updates…

Card readers have been installed on all three bathrooms. The public bathroom, located on the walkway to the beach, is now private for Barefoot Residents only. This also means that our residents will have access to all three bathrooms 24/7 throughout the year.
Landscaping updates are in progress. Once in full bloom, the colors will be abundant. Mainscape has recently planted hibiscus, oleander, crepe myrtle bushes, lantana, Chinese trumpet, and is refreshing the rock bedding.

The public bathroom has been painted in a soft green that compliments the new umbrella colors. The BRRA has purchased paint for the inside men/women’s bathrooms and to accent the kitchen wall area, which will be completed in the fall, after peak season.

Our lift has to be replaced and has been on order for several weeks now. We hope to have the new lift in place by mid July. We're so sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused.

 Goals in process…

The committee has also been looking into a handicap walkway. We are proceeding in the process…talking to an engineer and also OCRM. Usually there is only one walkway allowed over the dunes per lot, unless we can show unnecessary hardship as determined by the department. We should hear sometime this Fall whether we qualify for a second ramp or not. If we cannot build a second walkway we will look into a more expensive solution by improving the existing walkway.
We are still looking into other solutions to replace the spindle railing around the lower cabana deck. We want a more desirable system for a much better view of the ocean. This search continues.