Beach Cabana Annual Report

March 1, 2021

~ Rick Hellmann, Cabana Chairperson

The mission of the Barefoot Beach Cabana Committee is to enhance the cabana for the homeowners and to ensure that the facility functions as a major benefit for Barefoot residents for years to come. The committee members review suggestions and concerns from the homeowners and report to the BRRA.

In March of 2020, The Barefoot Board had placed the new Cabana Project on hold due to construction issues identified during regular inspections. As a result, all projects were placed on hold during 2020. The team did meet through April of 2020 and then picked up again in the September. Accomplishments by the committee were minimal since the Board decided to re-bid the Cabana Project and start all over again. I’m providing accomplishments by the Board and what the committee will begin to work on now that the new contractors are in place and work has begun.


  • The re-bidding and selection on a new architecture.
  • The re-bidding and selection on a new construction contractor. Baldwin Construction was selected and began work on January 11th.
  • Anne Castro assigned to work with the Architecture and Contractor.


  • New furniture was identified and selected but placed on hold.
  • New Sound System for the cabana was completed and reviewed with the Board.
  • Speaker wiring locations have been approved by the Board for wiring.
  • Security camera’s and access reader locations were identified and reviewed with the Board.
  • Lynne and Anne worked with Anne Castro to assist with color schemes for new cabana (block, siding, floor, tiles, etc.).
  • Chairperson and Secretary for 2021 were voted on and Rick Hellmann and Marie Chaisson will remain. Denise Romich applied and was accepted by the committee to join the team.


The team has now resumed regular meetings and have identified the following projects to be completed for the Grand Opening in September 2021.

  • Order new furniture for the second floor new cabana to the BRRA for approval.
  • Setting up storage for new furniture.
  • Review of the Sound system, TV, Security System, wiring, access readers.
  • Working with Ponderosa to develop staffing plan for new cabana.
  • Updating rules and regulations for new cabana.
  • Developing a communication plan for startup of the new cabana.
  • Creating a GRAND OPENING of the new cabana.
  • Shuffleboard court for the main floor of the new cabana.
  • Review and implement several Guideline and Operations Processess.