Beach Cabana Annual Report

APRIL 1, 2018

by Lynne McGinley, Committee Chair

The mission of the Barefoot Beach Cabana Committee is to enhance the cabana for the homeowners and to ensure that the facility functions as a major benefit for Barefoot residents for years to come. The committee reviews suggestions and concerns from the homeowners, as well as conducts ongoing maintenance walkthroughs, to improve the amenities. The Barefoot Beach Cabana Committee's charge is to review recommendations for potential improvements to the facility and report to the BRRA.

Accomplishments over the past year include

  • Upgrading the bathrooms with new faucets and light fixtures.
  • Updating the cabana rules.
  • Purchasing new signs and defibrillator.
  • Improving the landscaping.
  • Powerwashing and painting the cabana.
  • Installing access card systems on the bathroom doors.
  • Enhancing the speed of the WiFi.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the cabana.
  • Replacing the handicap elevator.
  • Installing new outdoor light fixtures.
  • Assisting the Strategic Planning Committee with the Cabana Survey.
  • Researching the cost of wire railing for the cabana.

Current Goals

  • Hiring an additional parking lot attendant.
  • Building a handicap ramp.
  • Enlarging the retaining wall and solve the drainage problem on the lower deck by the showers.
  • Researcing a webcam for the cabana and security cameras for the parking lots.
  • improving  the landscaping including plants and rocks.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the cabana.

Goals Being Developed

  • Purchasing of a beach mat(s) from ramp to beach.
  • Discussing additional parking lines in the second parking lot.
  • Renovating the cabana.
  • Assisting with improved badge reader.