BYO Bag – Embrace Reusables

As efforts are sweeping across the country to stem the swelling tide of ocean and beach pollution, the City of North Myrtle Beach is now the 15th community in South Carolina to institute a plastic bag ban.  October 1, 2022, the ban on “single-use” plastic bags takes effect within the city limits. After two recent special-called meetings, an amendment was passed on July 6, 2022 that allows for reusable plastic bags with a thickness of 2.25 mm or greater after area businesses said they having trouble obtaining paper or other reusable forms.

Retailers in the city will not be allowed to hand out single-use plastic bags less than 2.25 mm in thickness to their customers. The ban applies to all retailers, including gas stations, grocery stores, department stores and farmers markets. It does not apply to reusable bags.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and pack their reusable bags when heading to the stores. Did you know that by making the switch to a reusable bag, a person can save the use of 22,000 plastic bags in their lifetime? Together, our combined efforts can make waves in saving our marine mammals, seabirds, and coastline.

The new law exempts dog waste bags, trash bags, yard waste bags, medicine bags, door hanger bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags and bags used to separate food items like produce within a reusable bag. The ban also exempts any bag a customer brings to a store themselves.