City Liaison Report

~ Neal Witkin, BRRA Board Vice President, City Liaison

The City of NMB held one council meeting this month on Monday, February 20th.
The next council meeting(s) are scheduled for March 6th and 20th at 7pm.

The council approved the St. Patrick’s Day Parade for March 11, 2023.
The council also approved the SOS Spring Parade on April 22, 2023.
The council approved the Pink Ribbon Run on September 30, 2023.

Most ordinances and changes to developments around the city are of little concern to Barefoot residents. Should anyone have an interest in the council actions on other projects and developments around NMB; folks can reference the website for the city council at Agendas and minutes are posted to the public.

One ordinance that is being voted on by the council is for regulating private businesses operating on the town’s beaches. Such businesses as wedding photographers, wedding ceremonies, surf lessons and other businesses during the peak tourist season between May and September. The ordinance proposes a $25 permit fee. The city rationalizes this ordinance by making sure visitors are not infringed upon during the height of the season and to allow the city to know what businesses are requested, when they plan to operate and where they will function as well as how many in their group(s).

Another ordinance is to regulate the times bicycles are allowed on the beaches during the tourist season, similar to the current restrictions for dogs and other animals in season.

I followed up again for the pressure washing of the sidewalks and jersey barriers on the Club Course Drive bridge and throughout Longbridge and Brookstone. The city manager advised asking contractors to pay for the clean-up and they have refused. The city manager suggested the Barefoot HOA should pay for the cleaning for which I rejected that immediately. My response to Mr. Mahaney is the city owns the sidewalks and the city issued permits for the Seaglass Cottages which brought in big trucks that soiled our community. In no way is the Barefoot HOA responsible for cleaning city sidewalks.

The manager asked me to provide quotes on what it would cost to have these areas pressure washed. In 2019, Ponderosa did in fact secure a couple quotes which I’ve asked to be updated so I can submit them to the city. More to come on this subject; I’m not giving up just yet.

At the council meeting, I had the pleasure of speaking with our newly promoted Chief of Police, Dana Crowell, a 20 year veteran of the police force. Chief Crowell replaced Tommy Dennis who was appointed Associate Judge. I have invited the new Chief to attend our next HOA Board Meeting on March 13th at 4pm to introduce herself to the Barefoot Community and to meet our Board of Directors and Barefoot Management Company, Ponderosa. Chief Crowell has accepted and will address the Barefoot community on our zoom meeting.

I hope many of our residents will attend the zoom meeting and offer our congratulations to the new chief. You may also have questions about what to expect from law enforcement and I’m sure the Chief would be delighted to answer your concerns.