Message from the President

January 1, 2021

~ Jerry Saxon

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Everyone experienced a tumultuous 2020 and continues to be challenged by COVID-19. We faced major construction issues with the Beach Cabana and we dealt with the “ups and downs” of the Western Boundary Wall. We’re all looking forward to a healthy and great 2021.

We are pleased to announce that the construction contract for the Beach Cabana has been awarded to Baldwin Construction. They are scheduled to begin the pre-construction stages of the project on Monday, January 4th. They will begin with scheduling materials and subcontractors. We can assure you that Baldwin will begin the process on Monday. While it was disappointing to see the late completion dates of the cabana, Baldwin understands our situation and will do everything they can to shorten the construction time without compromising the building.

We also received bids on the Western Boundary Wall. Of the three bidders, one declined, one was VERY high and the remaining bid fell within current estimates. We are planning to meet with the bidder during the first week in January. The purpose of the meeting is to finalize the scope, firm up pricing and review the details of the contract. Once we have the information, our plan is to present the details to you during a “Town Hall Meeting” via Zoom.

Barefoot Resort and Golf is close to 20 years old and is beginning to show its age. In order for us to remain a “premier” community in North Myrtle Beach, we want to remain attractive. Our Strategic Planning Committee is researching different ways to enhance our community and attract buyers that will help keep the shine on our beautiful community. We’re looking forward to hear their ideas. Additionally, the BRRA Website will be getting some new “clothes”. We are looking forward to seeing the revisions.

As 2021 begins, let’s all remember while the vaccine is coming, it’s not here yet! It is important to continue to stay safe and not let our guards down, so we’ll all be here to watch Barefoot Resort continue to evolve and grow.