Neighborhood Watch Committee Annual Report

MAY 1, 2020

~ Charlie Forman

Name and Purpose of the Committee

The Barefoot Neighborhood Watch Program was established in 2009 following the Highway 31 Wildfire that caused 2500 residents to be evacuated in the middle of the night. More than 100 homes were damaged in Barefoot alone, of which 69 homes were completely destroyed.


Barefoot Neighborhood Watch is a program which –

  • Creates a body of concerned, involved neighbors.
  • Encourages neighbors to get to know each other and their routines and to recognize any out of place activities.
  • Emphasizes the importance of being aware of suspicious activities and sounds, evaluating them and knowing how to properly communicate this information to the authorities and within Barefoot if appropriate.
  • Teaches techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized.
  • Advises how to make homes more secure, to accurately identify property, and how to look out for each other.
  • Fosters a partnership with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety.


  • Achieves results by working at the neighborhood level.
  • Uses block captains and telephone chain contact lists to disseminate information.
  • Promotes “Neighbors helping Neighbors” through the exchange of information related to neighborhood and individual household safety issues.
  • Educates residents about security and safety.
  • Encourages residents to stay informed by using reliable resources such as Everbridge (North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Alerts).

Summary of 2019 Accomplishments

Two open Community Coordinator positions were filled.
The open Community Coordinator position in Bridle Ridge was filled by Jeannie Reeder. In addition, seven new Block Captains volunteered to serve Bridal Ridge.
The open Community Coordinator position in LeatherLeaf was filled by Albert Curley.
The Community Coordinator position is still open in Longbridge I & II. 

Officer Amy Vicks is now the Barefoot Neighborhood Watch liaison for NMB Public Safety

The NW Committee held 12 open meetings in 2019:
January – Refuse to Be A Victim
February – Basic Home Security
March – Travel Security
April – Alarms
May – How To Be A Good Witness
June – The 9-1-1 Process
July – Refuse To Be A Victim
August – Guest Speakers: NMB Councilwoman, Nikki Fontana and State Senator, Greg Humbree
September – Traffic Control – Golf Cart laws
October – Fire Prevention
November – C. P. E. D. (Crime Prevention thru Environmental Design)
December – Holiday Safety

The August Meeting with State Senator Humbree was highly attended. Other meetings were less heavily attended. As a result, the Committee voted to hold 4 Open Meetings in 2020 and focus on 4 key areas of concern: 1. Cyber Security, 2. Sharing the Road; Auto, Golf Cart, Bicycle and Pedestrian Rules, 3. Hurricane Preparedness; an inside look at the agencies responsible for warnings, evacuations, rescue, recovery, and 4. Holiday Safety – How to avoid being a victim.

Early in 2019 the Committee began inviting all the Community Coordinators to each quarterly Committee meeting in 2019.

The Committee planned and developed its first Home Security Trade Show with local vendors. The Show was held April 4th at the Barefoot Golf Clubhouse and consisted of 7 vendors and the NMB Department of Public Safety. The Show was open to anyone in the Myrtle Beach area interested in upgrading their home security. The event was free and drew over 100 interested property owners. All the vendors praised the event as a success and vowed to participate in future shows. A second show, the Home Security and Fire Safety Expo was held on October 24th . This show was lightly attended. The Committee has voted to have only one show in 2020.