Neighborhood Watch Committee Annual Report

~ Michael Waters

Name and Purpose of the Committee

The Barefoot Neighborhood Watch Program was established in 2009 following the Highway 31 wildfire that caused 2500 residents to be evacuated in the middle of the night. More than 100 homes were damaged in Barefoot alone, of which 69 homes were completely destroyed.


Barefoot Neighborhood Watch is a program which –

  • Creates a body of concerned, involved neighbors.
  • Encourages neighbors to get to know each other and their routines and to recognize any out of place activities.
  • Emphasizes the importance of being aware of suspicious activities and sounds, evaluating them and knowing how to properly communicate this information to the authorities and within Barefoot if appropriate.
  • Teaches techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized.
  • Advises how to make homes more secure, to accurately identify property, and how to look out for each other.
  • Fosters a partnership with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety.


  • Achieves results by working at the neighborhood level.
  • Uses block Captains and telephone chain contact lists to disseminate information.
  • Promotes “Neighbors helping Neighbors” through exchange of information related to neighborhood and individual household safety issues.
  • Educates residents about safety and security.
  • Encourages residents to stay informed by using reliable resources such as Everbridge (North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Alerts).

Summary of 2021/2022 Accomplishments

On 12/07/2021 we held an open meeting at Putters Pub. We said thank you to our Community Coordinators and Block Captains who stepped down and welcomed our new Community Coordinators and Block Captains.

Charlie Forman stepped down as Chairman and passed the reigns to Mike Waters. Charlie stepped up to be the single family NW coordinator and be in charge of recruitment and retention of coordinators and Block Captains.

On January 10, 2022 the NW committee met and set the open meeting agenda for 2022.

Open meetings will be held on 1/26/2022, 4/20/2022, 7/20/2022, 10/19/2022 and 12/14/2022.

All meetings will be held at 4 pm at the firehouse meeting room with the exception of 12/14/2022 which will be held at Putters Pub.

On 1/26/2022 an open meeting was held before 65 residents with the topic of “How not to be a victim” given by our NMB Police Liaison Police Officer Stephen Murphy.

On 4/20/2022 our open meeting was attended by 20 residents with the topic of home security and personal safety. Chief of Police Tommy Dennis led the opening remarks and fielded questions from the audience. P.O. Murphy conducted his power point lesson and also took questions from the audience.

Future topics will be discussed by the committee and be announced to the community.


Bridge openings are becoming more frequent as summer approaches. Leave adequate travel time when heading toward the bridge.

Golf carts cannot operate at night and MUST be driven by a licensed driver and at least of 16 years of age.

Speeding was addressed by P.O. Murphy at out last meeting and stated the majority of speeding tickets issued inside Barefoot belong to OUR residents.

Be mindful of the speed limits and you should have no problem.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Members

Michael Waters – Chairperson
Charlie Forman – Single Family Coordinator
Robert (Bob) Moyse – Multi-Family Coordinator
Neal Witkin – BRRA Liaison