Western Boundary Wall Update

Permacast was on site the week of April 25.  They completed a number of repairs across the entire length of the new wall.  Based on their previous visit on March 3, Permacast put together a comprehensive repair plan.  The repairs primarily focused on the lower support blocks which support the wall panels at the bottom column interface.  Failure of these support blocks have caused some of the wall panels to drop towards the ground.  In addition, minor repairs were made to the panels themselves to patch cracks and chips in the concrete panels.

The contractor also checked all the wall panels to ensure the proper fit between the panel and column in order to ensure the panels do not “bang’ during windy conditions.  To address this condition, shims were installed as needed.  Going forward, Ponderosa maintenance will be able to address any issues with shims working themselves loose.

The Board performed an inspection of the repair work and also interacted with several home owners to ensure they were satisfied with needed repairs.

Effort has been initiated to complete the final easement agreements and obtain home owner signatures.  Once the agreements are completed and signed, they will be filed with Horry County.

ARC Guidelines for the new wall along Water Tower Road have been approved and will be included in the next revision and issue of the guidelines.