Paid Parking in Public Parking Lots on Either Side of Ocean Boulevard Started

JULY 1, 2019

The paid parking season this year runs from June 15 through October. Hours are 9am-5pm daily. Parking fee is $2 per hour.

To pay to park, use the Passport Parking App, which works on iOS (Apple) and Android mobile phones. Download the App to your phone from the Apply or Google Play Store. The App is free. You can receive email or text alerts when your time is about to run out. If you want to park longer than originally planned, you can extend your parking time using the App without leaving the beach.

Those who do not want to use the App can use one of the Pay 'N Go kiosks that will be located in most lots. The kiosks do not accept bills or coins.

If you do not want to pay using either the App or the kiosk because you only use cash, call the Park North Myrtle Beach Office at (843) 480-3711.