Residents’ Club Committee Annual Report

June 1, 2020

~ Maria T Candamil, Committee Chair

About the Committee

The Residents’ Club Committee, made up of five to seven volunteer members from the Single-Family communities and appointed by the BRRA Executive Board, has the primary mission of advising the BRRA Board on the operational needs and maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities. These duties and functions do not include the recreational programs and social activities, which are the responsibilities of the Lifestyle Director, but do extend to recommendations on the upkeep of the grounds and facilities at the Club. In addition, the Committee provides input to the Lifestyle Director for the preparation of the annual budget.

This Past Year…

The Residents’ Club pool area had a major face lift in preparation for the summer. Our focus was to increase the beauty of the area and do needed repairs and value-added improvements. The BRRA approved the Residents Club Committee recommendation to install pavers on the pool deck. This was done to avoid the continuing problem of having to resurface the deck every few years. We also installed new ladders in the pool which are made of vinyl material which does not get as hot as the old aluminum ladders. At the deep end there are now four step ladders and three step ladders in the shallow end. The handrails on the ramp were also changed to the same vinyl material to prevent burns. The pool itself was inspected, tiles were replaced, the coping was painted a lighter color, leaks were identified and repaired.

In accordance with a reserve study which was commissioned by the BRRA, the Residents’ Club building was inspected and we followed up on the recommendations to repair window frames, shutters, and repair a roof leak. We are looking into different options for repairing or replacing the exterior doors and their brass, refinishing or replacing the flooring, and modernizing and updating the interior of the building. All this is being looked at in accordance with the reserve study.

Chelsea McLoughlin, our Lifestyle Director, has done an incredible job planning and conducting a variety of fun and community focused activities, especially during the pandemic quarantine. We hope to get back to the pool and holiday parties soon.

Also, please remember stay safe and healthy. When we can open the entire Residents’ Club we hope you will comply with any new safety practices. The pickle ball and tennis courts are open but we strongly suggest you maintain safe distances and do not interchange sports equipment.

In conclusion…

The Committee has worked hard during the first half of this year to improve amenities at the Residents’ Club. We welcome any suggestions and help you may have or render.

Looking forward to seeing you again.