Residents’ Club Committee Report

~ Alice McLaughlin, Committee Chair

The Residents’ Club Committee (RCC) met 7/18/22 and discussed several items including:

  • Paint selection TO COMPLETE PAINTING remaining rooms at the Club
  • Computer replaced by Chelsea and printer repaired
  • 2022 AND 2023 Budgets; 2022 COSTS ARE UNDER BUDGET
  • POTENTIAL FOR Outdoor sound system
  • POTENTIAL FOR Lightning detector

John McInerney, the Liaison to the RCC, advised the Board approved the following:

  • PMH proposal for rendering of Residents’ Club pavilion
  • Proposal to recover remaining chairs in the Club
  • Proposal to refresh brick chips around the Club

Great news is Glenn Anderson volunteered to be an RCC member and was approved by the Board. The next RCC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 9/6/22.

Committee Members

Alice McLaughlin, Chairperson
Fred Scott
Jim Roddy
Glenn Anderson
Maureen O’Callaghan
Mary Beth Sanguiliano
Neil Why
John McInerney, Board Liaison
Chelsea McLoughlin, Lifestyle Director