Residents’ Club Committee Report

JULY 1, 2018

– Jane Young, Committee Chair


About the Committee

The Residents’ Club Committee’s, made up of five to seven volunteer members from the Single-Family communities and appointed by the BRRA Executive Board, has the primary mission of advising the BRRA Board on the operational needs and maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities. These duties and functions do not include the recreational programs and social activities, which are the responsibilities of the Lifestyle Director, but do extend to recommendations on the upkeep of the grounds and facilities at the Club. In addition, the Committee provides input to the Lifestyle Director for the preparation of the annual budget.

This year's projects…

The Committee has been very busy this year. In January, the Committee welcomed Alice McLaughlin as a new member and Bobbi Reeves, a BRRA Board Member, as co-liaison with Joe Gosiewski, and the new Lifestyle Director, Chelsea McLoughlin. The revised Rules, Guidelines and Procedures Booklet was reprinted and sent out via email. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was relocated from the outside pool area to inside of the Residents' Club next to the kitchen. New light fixtures were installed at the side entrance, and in the women/men’s facilities.

In February and March, the Committee was very involved in helping prepare the pool for summer. A to Z Pools began a major undertaking to resurface the pool and repaint the Cool Deck. This effort continues given issues with weather, substructure problems and glitches associated with painting the deck. Also, some chairs and chaise lounges were re-strapped, and two baby changing tables were installed in the bathrooms. Earthworks, an engineering company, conducted a structural assessment of the tennis courts, which have developed large cracks.

During April, channel drains were installed by the “back shower” near the baby pool and along the paver pathway by the playground. Ford Propane Company installed a gas line for the new gas grill. Request for Proposals (RFP’s) were sent out to clean, repair and paint the stucco pillars in front of the Club House. RFP’s were distributed for Landscape Lighting.

Earthworks submitted their assessment on the tennis courts. Their findings included various observations concerning the impact of unknown subsoil conditions on the cracks in the courts. Essentially, the study came down to “you need to repair cracks and resurface the courts.” In addition to the court repair, the issue of re-stripping the courts to facilitate their use by Pickle Ball players resulted in sending out a BRRA directed survey to single-family owners. The results were returned in May, providing the Board and Committee with plans to re-stripe the courts.

In May, the swimming pool re-surfacing was completed. The Cool Deck, however, was not completed, and we are still addressing some issues associated with this work. The rental tent was erected in time for Memorial Day and kick off the summer season.

New landscape lighting for the Club and monuments were installed in June. Also, the stucco pillars along the Club fence line were repaired and painted. The copper caps atop the fence posts were painted, too.

In July, the famous Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade will be held. This year’s theme is Red, White and Boom! Hope to see you all there.

In conclusion…

The Committee has worked hard during the first half of this year to improve amenities at the Residents’ Club. We welcome any suggestions and help you may have or render.