Tract 31 Survey Results

MARCH 1, 2018

Below are the raw results of the Tract 31 Survey conducted by the Strategic Planning & Development Committee. Many comments were submitted by participants, which are not part of the raw results attached.

The Committee is developing a summary of comments as well as the Committee’s conclusions, to be approved by the BRRA Board. Look for that Summary in our next website refresh.

Highlights of the results…

  • Should we develop or not? 53.74% want Tract 31 left undeveloped; 46.26 think it should be developed.
  • Top 6 development ideas included:
    • Walking / jogging trails
    • Bicycle trails
    • Community Center
    • Children’s Playground
    • Picnic Area
    • Dog Park
  • Should we control access to the amenities? 89.57% say Yes; 10.43% say No.
  • If we build a Community Center, rank importance to you:
    • Gym
    • Activity Rooms (Arts & Crafts, Meeting, Exercise)
    • Restaurant
    • Pool
  • Membership: 67% say it should be open to all BRRA residents as part of the HOA structure and dues. 33% think it should require a separate membership fee outside of the HOA dues.

View the Tract 31 Survey Results.