Update on the Hawaiian Shirts for Deployed Soldiers Initiative

The Barefoot community collected 90 shirts for the Hawaiian Shirts for Deployed Soldiers organization!

This is an incredible number of shirts, considering the Covid-19 pandemic curtailed our plans to officially kick-off this new Caring Council initiative.

Gwen Pollard, founder of the organization, received the shirts a couple of days ago, and was beyond thrilled. She commented this is nearly an entire troop's worth of morale boosting gifts!

The Hawaiian shirts donated by Barefoot will soon be on their way to Staff Sergeant David Bailey. Staff Sergeant Bailey is based in the Middle East in the 42nd Infantry Division out of New York. He was touched when he heard his troop was getting the Hawaiian shirts, as he was married in Hawaii.

The photo displays just some of the shirts donated by the Barefoot community. Gwen will provide photos of the troops wearing the shirts donated by Barefoot as soon as she receives them.

Thank you for your generosity!

Carolyn Marsh, Chair, Hawaiian Shirts for Deployed Soldiers
Maureen O'Callaghan and Linda Ort, Co-Chairs, Barefoot Caring Council