Voting Members learn about the website

AUGUST 1, 2018

– Aimee McNair and Pat Heerey, Website Committee


The BRRA Website Committee facilitated a website presentation to Voting Members on July 11, 2018, at Putters Pub. Light appetizers were provided.

The purpose of the meeting was to address the advantages for residents to register on the official BRRA website ( and to encourage Voting Members to bring back this information to their Barefoot neighborhoods. A flyer to hand out to residents was available and distributed. (Click here for a pdf file of the flyer.)

The presentation was informal and well-received from attendees.

Currently 39 Voting Members and Alternates represent the 26 Barefoot neighborhoods. All were invited to the presentation. Sixteen attended.

The following concerns and questions were brought up by the attendees. The answers follow each question: 

Are new owners automatically added to the email lists?
New owners must register on the website; their email addresses are then added to the bank of Barefoot owner emails to ensure they will receive all eblast alerts.

People that are registering need to give permission to be sent emails. 

By including your email addresses during the registration process, you are giving the BRRA permission to send emails. If you do not wish to receive email alerts, please contact the Web Manager:

Is there a way for the voting members to get a list of people that are not registered?
The Web Manager is able to send you a list of the owners in your neighborhood who are registered. You (or your Board) can compare that list against your list of owners to determine which residents are not yet registered. Simply request the registered list from the Web Manager:

When voting members send out minutes they should include a reminder to register for the website and emails.
Great idea! We have found that frequent reminders really work and get owners to register on the BRRA website. Neighborhoods that emailed the most reminders have the highest percentage of registered owners.

Individual boards should make more effort to get more people registered.
Another great idea. Hopefully the Voting Members will encourage their Boards to get owners registered on the BRRA website. Reminders seem to work well.

There is a lot of confusion between NextDoor and the website. Should we post the PDF of the flyer on NextDoor?
NextDoor Barefoot Resort is a completely separate website from the official BRRA website ( The BRRA Board and Website Committee have no control over what is posted on NextDoor. The BRRA Board prefers to use the Barefoot website to address issues being discussed on NextDoor. The information posted on is BRRA Board-approved.

Some owners have more than one unit and their renters can’t register so that unit can’t sign up.
Owners may list all neighborhoods in which they own property during the registration process. Their registration is allocated to all their properties, so, even if they are renting units, all properties are represented in the total numbers of the Neighborhood Registration Summary. (See Registration Summary chart, right.)

Numbers are not right. Some households have more than one account and that messes up the actual percentage of participation within a community. How can we make the numbers more accurate?
The Neighborhood Registration Summary (See chart at right.) was created to present a general picture of registered Barefoot residents by neighborhood. We recognize that multiple entries within households somewhat skew the numbers. The best way to determine true registrations is to request the list of registered owners for your neighborhood from the Web Manager and compare against your total list of owners.

Put the registration flyer on the website to remind people to sign up and not just visit as a guest.
Click here for the registration flyer pdf. We encourage you to share with your Barefoot neighbors. If you are interested in a website presentation to your residents, please email our Web Manager:

Send PDF of flyer to the boards so they can email to their communities.
Great idea! We are happy to forward a pdf file to all Barefoot Boards and encourage them to email it to all their owners with a message asking owners who have not yet registered to register.

Can we break down the BRRA financials into individual categories.
Yes, the Web Manager started breaking down the financials as of December 2017 financial reports.  This process takes a considerable amount of time so don't expect them immediately when BRRA financials are posted.  Typically they are completed by month end after BRRA financials are posted.  

Change stock answer message to Communication Center emails. People should know that the website is not responsible for unanswered messages.
Another great idea. Done.

The Website Presentation ended at 4:50 pm. Thanks to all for attending and bringing great questions.