Water Tower Fence Survey results are in

2017 JUNE

by Kowena Suckstorf, Strategic Planning and Development Committee


While 68% of the BRRA homeowners liked the idea of a barrier of some sort along Watertower Road a majority of the homeowners (63%) did not want any increase to their HOA fees to pay to build it or the ongoing maintenance.

More importantly, building a community-owned barrier along Water Tower Road would have required 100% of the homeowners who back up to the road to grant access to their property. That did not happen in this survey. The Strategic Planning and Development Committee conducted research to see if there was a BRRA property line beyond the homeowner line that could accommodate a community-owned barrier. There is not; the homeowner’s property line abuts city property.

This was the first community-wide survey conducted on behalf of the Board by the Strategic Planning and Development Committee (SPDC). Overall, the process went well, but of course there are opportunities for improvement particularly concerning communication about and dissemination of the surveys.

One misconception is that the purpose of the Water Tower Fence survey was for homeowners to cast a ballot for or against the topic. Many of the homeowners thought it was a voting mechanism. This misconception elicited a lot of feedback from homeowners on how the survey should have been structured. The questions and response options were developed based on the clearly defined objectives laid out by the Board. The purpose of the survey was to gather community thoughts, suggestions, and opinions.

We want to ensure that your Voting Member is an integral part of the communication process; that he or she is your point person for questions about what is going on concerning the surveys. Voting Members will be responsible for disseminating the surveys and results, and is your first point of contact for any questions or concerns.

You can also look for information about past, current, and future surveys on our new BRRA Website.

There are other issues and projects on the horizon and the SPDC will continue to use online surveys to gather information in support of the decision making process. Your opinion does, in fact, matter.

View the results of the Water Tower Fence Survey.