Website Committee Annual Report

~ Bobbi Reeves, Website Committee Chair

During 2023, the Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA) Website Committee focused our efforts on continuous improvement. Our website manager developed a survey tool offering the BRRA Board of Directors or a Committee Chair the opportunity to design a survey which is then created and implemented by a member of the Website Committee. Please keep in mind that only the registered Voting Owner is designated as the household member that may participate in the survey.  All other owners on the account do not have access to the survey. ONE SUBMISSION PER HOUSEHOLD by the Voting Owner.

The BRRA presently consists of approximately 3,119 total units. The number of registered owners is 2,746 of which 2,275 or 73% are designated as Voting Owners. This number varies as units are frequently bought and sold. The website analytics are posted monthly as part of the News Center. If you look, as of today, Brookstone leads the way with 94% of Brookstone Owners registered on our website. It is also worth noting that a little over half of our communities have 80% or better website registration. This is great news!

Now let’s talk about the Surveys….
While the process of surveying owners is new, it is important to have as many Voting Owners participate in the decision-making process. The Survey Participation Rate is a measurement of the level of engagement in our community and at the same time the willingness of owners to share feedback with the BRRA Board or a Committee Chair. This is an area we are hoping to improve upon. Our goal for 2024 is to have a Survey Participation Rate of at least 60%.

As you can see from the information below, our current survey participation rate is extremely low. We can do better!

  • RFID Survey Participation: This was a basic survey with 731 submissions for a total of 32% participation.
  • Exercise Stations Survey Participation: There were 575 submissions for a participation rate of 25%.

Another feature of the BRRA Owners’ Website is access to the BRRA Online Directory. The Directory lists all registered BRRA owners which includes your name, community, email address and property address. This is a great way to get in touch with your neighbors! However, you do have the option to keep your phone number, email address and property address private. The eBlasts that we send have proven to be an excellent tool to provide information right to your inbox. The percentage of people opening the email is typically greater than 60%.

In the second quarter, we developed a toggle button on the Owners Home Page that allows you to easily switch back to the Public Page. We have received some very positive feedback on this, so thank you!

Our #1 focus is to increase Owner Registration as well as the Survey Participation Rate. The Website Committee continues to work on improving your experience and we are open to your feedback and suggestions. Please contact Bobbi Reeves via email at or Michelle Mate our website manager at We look forward to hearing from you.