2017 BRRA Summary

JANUARY 1, 2018

– Michael Atwood, BRRA Board President


Another year has absolutely flown by.  I believe that I can speak on behalf of the BRRA Board and our volunteers when I say it has been a very active year. Projects which were completed this year included the hurricane roof repairs, power washing of the buildings, and several drainage repairs.

Board Meetings

The Board met each month and had twelve (12) Regular Board meetings, numerous Workshops and an Organizational meeting since the 2016 Annual Meeting.  In addition, the Board members and management are in constant communication by phone and by email.

Major Completed Projects

  • Wetland Area between Brookstone and Park Hill had the “snags” removed.
  • Several modifications were made to the ARC Guidelines throughout the year.
  • Many discussions/meetings have been held relative to the Beach Cabana facility. 
  • The Board approved the design and creation of the new website 90 Degree Design built the new website and is the server host. A Web Manager was hired to maintain and continually update the website.
  • Various Committee Charters were approved (Beach Cabana, Residents’ Club, Strategic Planning).
  • The BRRA Board and all Barefoot Associations have entered into a renewal contract with HTC.  The Board met with representatives from Spectrum and HTC on countless occasions.  The Board selected HTC as the provider that offered the best package programs for Barefoot Owners.
  • The Bylaws were amended. The amendment now provides that the annual meeting and Board elections are to be held in the 4th quarter and the organizational meeting within 30 days of the election. The change also provides that newly elected Board Members may be invited to attend Board meetings once elected, before their term of office begins.
  • The Strategic Planning Committee surveyed owners regarding the Water Tower Road fence.  As a result of the survey, the Board/Association decided not to construct any type of Association-funded barrier or fence.
  • The Board approved the hiring of off-duty police officers this past summer to patrol Barefoot property. 
  • A BRRA Lifestyle Committee has been formed as a pilot program.  If the Committee is successful, it will be chartered in January 2018.