Beach Cabana Construction Update

July 1, 2020

~ From the BRRA Board of Directors ~

Progress on the cabana project has been delayed since early this year and we understand the frustration this has caused. We were disappointed when we found significant deficiencies which necessitated a halt to construction. The rest, as they say, is history. We are looking to a brighter future with a new cabana as soon is feasible.

The "waiting period" for the legal process on the cabana project is now over. We obtained the names of three architects who were qualified to take over the project.  However, one did not respond; the other two made presentations. Both of these architects were well qualified, but only one could provide service suitable for our needs, Pike, McFarland, Hall Associates, Inc. (PMH). We have asked PMH to complete a proposal for designs of a new cabana to which they agreed. A new design is necessary as the previous architect has deemed his design to be copyrighted and forbids us to use it.

Over the next several weeks we plan to have the construction site cleared of the wood framing, beams, trusses, defective columns and debris.

There are many questions concerning the Cabana Project. The following is a brief time-line for the facts on this project:

  • 2017: Board decides to move forward with replacing the existing cabana
  • 2018: Town hall meetings for owners to present details about the proposed cabana along with architect's artist renderings of the new cabana
  • 2019:
    • February: Board enters into contract with architect to design cabana
    • April: Board entered into contract with builder for construction of the cabana
    • August: Original cabana closed
    • October: Original cabana demolished
    • December: Building permits approved
  • 2020:
    • January: Construction of new cabana begins
      Non-specified materials discovered installed without Board approval
    • February: Board ordered work to stop
      Independent engineering firm hired
      Masonry defects discovered in certain columns
    • April: Received consulting engineer's report on construction deficiencies
      Advised materials used not proper for coastal construction
      Contracts with architect and builder terminated
      Notice of suit filed; sixty-day period begins
    • May: Waiting period
      Response received from architect's attorney
    • June: Sixty-day waiting period ends
      Architects contacted. Only one of three found suitable
      Board interviewed architect for cabana project
    • July: Building site debris to be removed