Beach Cabana Construction Update

September 1, 2020

~ From the BRRA Board of Directors ~

Dear Fellow Barefoot Residents:

Trying to follow the ups and downs of the cabana has been a daunting task.  To say the least, it has been “shaky” from the start.  Delays in getting the permits, wrong trusses ordered, defective hardware and improper support beams – all these things have certainly given us pause on whether this “cabana” will really happen?

Well, we think we’re back on a positive track.  After we had the new engineering company examine what was constructed, we were then able to fire the existing architect and contractor, and tear out what was wrong and not to spec with the building.  That gave us a new level playing field.

The remainder of the building will be done differently.  In a few weeks we’ll have the newly completed design which we will share and discuss with everyone.  While the new architect is preparing drawings, we will engage a builder, and our project manager to provide an estimate for the new building.  This will be our guide to evaluate the new bids. Three reputable builders will be requested to bid on completing the structure.

It is hoped that bidding on finishing the cabana will be done and a contract awarded by the 15th of November.  Award of this contract will be based upon job knowledge, proposed time-table, project management, references, and price.  Cheaper is not always better, so we’re looking to go with the best fit for this work.

We have produced 4 videos about the cabana, from “Why we tore it down, to why we filed a law suit against the architect and builder."