Message from the President

December 1, 2020

~ Jerry Saxon

Topsy Turvy might be one way to describe 2020. A year where we all had to adapt and overcome. As President of the BRRA Board, I was presented with many challenges and we had to learn how to handle everything differently including our BRRA Board Meetings. Since March of 2020, the BRRA Board Meetings were conducted via video conferencing. I am very proud of the Board’s ability to quickly adapt to the Covid-19 circumstances. We have conducted the Board Meetings via Zoom. If you had the opportunity to attend one of our online Board Meetings, you would have observed a different kind of meeting. We accepted questions from all attendees throughout the meeting through the Chat Room. We took this opportunity to do things differently and better to show our willingness to be transparent.

When it comes to the Beach Cabana project, we experienced multiple unanticipated complications. We conducted countless Beach Cabana meetings. All of the information is posted on the BRRA website. You can review the details by clicking on  I am happy to report that the final phase of the new Beach Cabana Plan is underway and we will have a construction company by the second week in December.

We have also made significant progress on the Western Boundary Wall project. The information detailing the progress is located on the BRRA website. Click on the link to view the details and the schematic. We are planning a virtual Town Hall meeting in the near future to present the final plans.

We have also worked closely with the Website Committee to provide input for the BRRA Website redesign. While the rollout has been delayed due to Covid-19, the redesign is evolving. I want to encourage everyone to register on the BRRA Website to receive up-to-date posts, eBlasts from the Website Committee and the opportunity to view the monthly BRRA Newsletter. One notable change to our website is that you must login to receive pdf files. This was done to protect all posted documents on our website. While you’re on the homepage, don’t forget to take a look at the Scrolling Banner.

I want to say “thank you” to all of the volunteers and committee members that have worked so hard to make Barefoot Resort & Golf a premier community.

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season! 2021 is right around the corner.