Residents’ Club Committee Annual Report

JUNE 1, 2019

~ Maria T Candamil, Committee Chair

About the Committee

The Residents’ Club Committee’s, made up of five to seven volunteer members from the Single-Family communities and appointed by the BRRA Executive Board, has the primary mission of advising the BRRA Board on the operational needs and maintenance of the Residents’ Club facilities. These duties and functions do not include the recreational programs and social activities, which are the responsibilities of the Lifestyle Director, but do extend to recommendations on the upkeep of the grounds and facilities at the Club. In addition, the Committee provides input to the Lifestyle Director for the preparation of the annual budget.

This year's projects…

The Committee has been very busy this year. In January, the Committee welcomed Maria Candamil, the new Chair, and Maureen O’Shaunessy, the new Secretary.

During the first quarter, the Committee was very involved in helping prepare the pool for summer. The pools have been converted from a chlorine-based system to a ionization basis which will result in chemical cost savings and a healthier swimming environment. When the leveling and stabilization was done last year for the pool deck the focus was on areas that we thought were voided and/or sunken and provided leveling and stabilization in those specific areas. This year we found that the coping (edging of the pool) also had voids and had them filled with a new 3-year warranty. In addition broken tiles have been replaced in the large pool and both the large and children’s pools’ copings have been ground down and re-painted with Acryla-deck in a lighter shade of gray so they will be cooler to the touch. The 3 drain covers in the large pool have been replaced, a Federal requirement that they get done every 7 years. Some of the weirs in the skimmers have been replaced as needed. We reviewed three bids for Pool Monitors and recommended Harris Cleaning and Property Services. The pool furniture has been repaired and cleaned. We will be ordering the party tent in preparation for our Memorial Day party.

We obtained 3 bids for the HVAC for the bathrooms and gym since it is past its useful life of 18 years. A contract has been awarded to LHT, our current HVAC maintenance, and the system should be installed in June. We are also looking to update the interior tables and chairs since they have also exceeded their useful life and are showing significant signs of wear and tear. We would like to remind individuals to be careful with the furniture when moving it for events. Finally, also be aware the pool table cannot be moved. 

In conclusion…

The Committee has worked hard during the first half of this year to improve amenities at the Residents’ Club. We welcome any suggestions and help you may have or render.