Sign Committee Annual Report

November 1, 2019

~ Roy Fleming, BRRA Sign Sub-Committee Chair

The BRRA Sign Committee is an informal subcommittee of the Architectural Review Committee with only two members.

Because no maintenance had been done since original installation, BRRA Board members Michael Atwood and Kathy Kempf had initially brought the deplorable condition of the Barefoot signs to the attention of the Board. As a result, the subcommittee was created in 2013 to oversee the sign refurbishment project.

The project cost over $110,000 and included all street signs on the spine roads and within all communities, as well as handicap signs. Only Leatherleaf and The Dye Estates have opted to maintain their own signs with their own HOA funds.

This committee of owner volunteers continues to review sign conditions on an annual basis.

Summary of Duties…

Every year, the committee takes inventory of the Barefoot signs. A spreadsheet defining minor repairs and maintenance is given to Ponderosa for the budgeted annual maintenance. Maintenance includes paint touch-up, cleaning/mildew treatment, and base repair from lawn maintenance equipment.

If any unusual repairs or recommendations are needed, the committee gathers costs and submits a Request for Funds (RFP) to the BRRA Board.

Sub-Committee Accomplishments…

In 2016, high-powered solar lights were installed at each of the 13 directional signs throughout Barefoot to illuminate the signs at night for better visibility.

In 2018, all of the 500 Barefoot signs (including stop signs, speed limit signs, directional signs, and handicap parking signs) were touched up and painted by Steve Jordan, Aurora Construction. In addition, all street signs, stop signs, and sign bases were repaired and/or replaced, as needed. Mainscape supplied and attached all the new base plates.

During 2018-2019, Aurora Construction installed concrete pads underneath the directional signs in order to keep mowers and weed eaters from tearing up the bases. The metal speed limit and stop signs that become damaged or are beyond repair are furnished by the City of North Myrtle Beach and installed by Aurora Construction.

All signs are numbered with metal tags. If you see a problem with a deteriorating sign or one that needs a touch-up, please call Ponderosa and provide them with the metal tag number. Barefoot is saving time and money through its annual sign maintenance program.